Again and Again..

I am a boy who is a christian and even a choir.. and also a teen.. I’ve attended many seminars on sex.. with all these i still find my self committing this secret sin which is called masturbation.. i will stop for like 6 days and after six days i will come back to it and ask for forgiveness.. I am using this medium to confess this sin and to ask for all readers to pray on my behalf for the strength to deny my flesh.. may GOD help me and forgive me this great sin.. some people say it is not a sin but it is…

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  1. Maybe you just need to get laid?

    I have the same issue, but I’m not sure God can help me.. I don’t feel clean after I pray, I feel very sinful.. I’ve decided that maybe I should just get laid and get it over with. Sure, it’s against the bible but.. I can’t live like this any longer..

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