I Can See Her Dress and Feet Only

It was a rainy day, I need to deliver some sweets to aunty’s house. When I reached home no one was there except her. Greeted her and sat in the living area. I was sitting on the sofa right to the passage end line such that while entering from the kitchen can see the living room and sofa to the right wall.

She took the sweet and went to the kitchen. As it was heavily raining and cannot go without an umbrella aunty told me to sit and go later while she will make tea. I started getting erection due to the atmosphere condition and no one was around. Soon I removed my penis from my pants. Started stroking slowly and it was fully erect 7 inches.

I kept on going and suddenly realized someone standing behind me. And saw it was her standing in the passage and watching me. She was pretending and standing in such a way that she didn’t see me. It gave me another feeling and I also pretended that she is not watching me. I kept on stroking my penis up and down. Slowly and sometimes fast.

Removed my pants button and now the full area was visible. Even the balls and I was clean down there. She was still standing and watching. I started stroking heavily. I was breathing heavily and closed my eyes. Both my hands down there, pants down and penis fully erect. I wanted to release cum but need to check if she is standing and yes she was secretly watching me.

I can see her dress and feet only. I closed my eyes started stroking faster and was about to release the cum. Took my left hand, and released all the cum on my left hand. It was a huge load. While I cum I hear a slight moan sound like one heavy breath.

She went back into the kitchen. I clean the cum and sat properly with my pants up. She came after a minute with tea and smiled at me and started discussing rain as if nothing happened. Then we discussed sweets, tea, rain and I went after a few minutes as the rain intensity decreased.

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