no kids but lactating breasts

Basic information. I am 39, single, no kids but lactating breasts. About two weeks ago I had a trip with my dad. About 6h drive. I forgot my bag with the pump I use to get rid of the milk. Eventually, it started to hurt and drip really badly. I tried to push it and get it out but it didn’t work…. you can guess what happened..

He helped. By sucking it out. Very mechanical and emotion free to make it feel less awkward. But after a while I noticed he used his tongue much more then necessary. I said nothing. Just wanted to get over with it. Nothing else happened. But It stayed on my mind ever since. Not because I want my dad to drink my milk. But this whole thing was so humiliating…. I loved it. I suddenly want other people I know to drink from me.


By – Emily

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  1. Yep, tongue is more for fun than for a good latch. We used used to enjoy both when my wife needed relief from engorged or swollen breasts.

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