she had very large breast and a toned body

I’m a Latino male in Los Angeles california.. when I was 16 I moved in with my aunt. i had been having problems at home. i got kicked out. she accepted me with strict rules..for the first few months I obeyed.. I remember them hot summers swimming in her pool my eyes just gazing over her hot body swimming are laying out on her chair with a book and wine.

She had very large breast and a toned body..she would always catch me looking from across the pool. a few times she would not say much but position her self as to tease me a little I would wait for her to go inside her room. and i would peak in through her window I saw her naked which got me hard.. I was about to turn 18 when she finally caught me.

She was mad but not the kind of mad I expected..she quickly dressed came outside and gave me an ear full..that didn’t stop me I finally hit 18 went out with friends. i did drink and arrived home a little late she was asleep on the couch as I tried to sneak past her she had on a t-shirt nothing under I took a peak and started to lightly walk pass her when she popped up. it is late you know the rules we will talk about this when you wake up..

I get to my room strip naked and pass the morning she standing over my naked body shaking me to get up. I open my eyes to my and my erect cock shes blushing red I’m lost for words..a few months later shes buzzed and horny I offer her oral she laughs at me like a joke I turn and walked away hurt go to my room about an hour later she gets into my bed fresh from her want to taste me she rubs her clit come on you want to play I pulled her to my body and began kissing her I kissed my way to her moist shaved pussy and dug in I loved her sweet taste we still have amazing sex

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