Good Sister Gone Bad

I’ve fancied and wanted my younger sister for years. I left home when I was 20 and run a number of escort agencies and sister and I kind of lost touch as she still was a good girl back then. Now I’m 30 and she’s a grown fit woman, and most importantly our father passed a two years ago, which I think helped my sister come out of her shell.

Anyways, for two years my sister and I are not only fucking and having a great sex, we live together and she is one of the top escorts in my agency and we both want to start making porn. Fücking don’t care if it’s wrong, my sister is too fucking perfect and a bad bitch, and fuck we love our decadent life

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  1. Trev 7 months ago

    Go for it,nothing wrong with fucking your sister ive been fucking my sister for over 10 years

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