In the Very Near Future…..

This is more of a confession of what I am going to do than anything I have done…

A lot of people…women mainly…say that females who sleep with married men are insecure. This simply isn’t true, or isn’t always true anyway. I am a very confident 21 year old very cute…a face your mother would love and trust and a body that has never gotten any complaints. lol Slim, firm, nice still firm DD’s …I have no reason to not be thankful. SO having dispelled this rumor…

Maybe it does feed my ego…IDK. But insecure and secure people feed their egos. ANyway who cares…I am very turned on by the thought of sleeping with a married man. ANy clean, at least average attractive married man will do…but I’m hoping to hold out for one who loves his wife, but can not resist me. Even more preferably…has a wife who is unattractive..over weight is even better lol

I want to give him the best sex he’s ever had, and let him do the things his wife will not.

A man who really didn’t want to cheat but afterwords is begging ME to see HIM again. lol

I will find him soon. I bet he will have never guessed the day that he got married that one day it would get him some hot young pussy. lol
What would make things even more perfect…though I won’t require it…if it’s in her bed, car, office…etc.

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  1. I hope God serves you with what you deserve………….a lot of pain and sorrow. You’re disgusting a very sad sad human being. May you one day grow a brain and realize how truly meaningless you are.

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