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    I was bisexual and longed to be taken

    Moving from his huge work shed into his kitchen, he told me my money was on the counter. I’d helped my neighbor build a new work station, as he’d injured his left hand. I didn’t want the money, but he had insisted. When I again said he could keep the money in his kitchen, he […] More

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    I’m a bisexual male 40 Latin

    I’m a bisexual male 40 Latin. Growing up I sexually was open-minded and open. I met an older male at the age of 17 who would talk about bisexual things. I was interested my birthday was approaching in a few weeks the day of my bday he opened up more about sex. my body was […] More

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    In the Very Near Future…..

    This is more of a confession of what I am going to do than anything I have done… A lot of people…women mainly…say that females who sleep with married men are insecure. This simply isn’t true, or isn’t always true anyway. I am a very confident 21 year old very cute…a face your mother would […] More