Fell in Love with Chinese Girl in My Lab

It has been twenty days since I left my country and came to China for my graduate studies. After arriving here my supervisor gave me a lab tour and introduced me to my lab mates and it was the first moment when I met her, I can’t say it was love at first sight because at first time for me she was like another Chinese girl that I kept meeting.

She is a senior grad student in our lab and my supervisor told me that she would guide me in everything here, and day after day we kept meeting and talking in our lab cabin and it started. Her English speaking capability is very poor and every time I talked fast with her and she didn’t understand she kept smiling and blushing, her eyes, her face, her hair, her way of helping me every time and showing me her intellect, that smile every time she tries to speak English has made my nights hell, she is consuming my every thought.

I have never felt anything for another girl in my entire life, even back in my country. But this girl I could have never imagined that I can fell for a Chinese girl and be so much into her.

I can’t make moves on her she is my senior lab mate and I no matter how much time I spend with her I know we will always be strangers, we have still two years together in the lab. I hope in the future I can confess my love to her and tell her how much she means to me and my heart.

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  1. As another Chinese girl, I suggest you to ask her out, as a friend, maybe offer her to practice English. Take things slow. Set up clear boundaries and try to make your relationship healthy. Sometimes people can be crazy due to many years under Communist party’s governing and brainwashing. I wouldn’t suggest to hang out with a mainland Chinese who is not able to speak English well, because it means they maybe haven’t get any information from other places outside China. So if you bring up anything that implies that Chinese government is wrong, she will take it personal and find it offensive.

  2. There will be many many problems during your relationship but if you two are both willing to work towards a healthy relationship, it can work. Good luck

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