Everything is Just Getting Worse

My exams just got over. The results were out. It was good. I got into the college I wanted to. But for some reason, my family’s reaction wasn’t quite welcoming. My school has organised a function for felicitating the students who performed well, but my parents don’t want me to go as the venue is far from here. I haven’t gone out of my house for two years and I wanted to go to KFC. They had said that they will take me out after my exams but now they are just making excuses. I have no siblings. My best friend is currently in a different state. I feel so lonely. I have an anxiety disorder. I thought things would be better after exams, but everything is just getting worse. I will be leaving for college in a month. It’s my dream college and it’s around 1500kms away from my home. I don’t know if things will get better there. I am tired, tired of everything.

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  1. You will be fine….from what I can assume your parents are either over protective of you or they are just toxic.I hope once you go to your college life will get better

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