I Love Exposing Myself In Women’s Underwear

I’m here to confess I have a serious panty fetish along with a touch of exhibitionism.

I love exposing myself in women’s underwear.

I have a couple of memories from my childhood,so here goes…when I was about 15 yrs old I used to play doctor with a couple of the neighbors (sisters 14 and 12 yrs old.

I used to come over when there mom was working and watch tv.We would lie under a blanket and I would pull down her pants and rub my hands over her silky panties and she could tell I was getting aroused by the way my cock grew in her hand that was down my pants we would both smile at each other as we explored our sexuality.Then there was the time we played doctor and again her pants would come down and I would rub her bush and I would get aboner,then we would switch and she would pull down my pants and grab my cock with both hands and started to jerk it up and down and she could see that I was beginning to shake and stiffen and all of a sudden I came in front of her and her sister both laughing as I shot out my load up and nearly hit her in the face, I lied there for a few minutes and all of a sudden her sister grabs my cock and does the same thing only faster this time I came while she was laughing and some hit her and went in her mouth and quickly spit it out.And another time I would come over at night when they were getting ready for bed and stand in the window disrobing and I would stand in the yard with my pants down to the ground and standing there in panties jerking off ,they saw me and I them and we kept the secrets between us,Now the best for last…now we would often walk to high school together this one morning she was running late and rushed out the door to catch up with us all the while her tight skirt had road up to her waist taking her slip with it as we turn the corner we stopped in front of a cigar store and opened her coat and what a sight to see she stood there in her garter belt and soft pink panties trying to pull down her slip and skirt,having trouble she asked me to help her,so I got down on one knee and started to pull her slip down first mean while I getting an eye full of stockings and panties inches away from my face.

I smoothed out her matching pink slip and I could see someone looking out the cigar store window taking it all in and smiling I finished pulling down her skirt and off we went.That night I went out about 12:30 no one around and I decided to try and get around with out clothes just my bra and panties with garter belt and stockings I made the mistake of walking by the cigar store and was seen wearing my underwear by the old man and a younger man they stepped out of the door and saw me walking away and yelled out come back here pantyboy ,they could see clearly what I was wearing and enjoyed the view and chased me and nearly caught me when I tripped and fell in some bushes where they had their way with me, and left me cuffed to their store door for all to see ,they did put a bag over my head saving my Face ID??

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