My Confession Is My Overwhelming Urges To Dress In Women’s Underwear

My confession is my overwhelming urges to dress in women’s underwear.

I have done everything imaginable to acquire these treasures.The best part is wearing them and glow with pleasure,I remember a time when I was about 16 and was out one night dressed in just girls underwear ,a black bra and panties, I would cut through yards to avoid being seen.

I would head towards bus stops and wait for them to pass by and look at the reaction on there faces as I walked away from the stop making the bus slow down and could see me in my bra and granny panties,they could see i was a young boy and would point and laugh.A few times I’ve been seen walking through bar parking lots and waiting for a drunk to stumble towards their car and watch the get in and I would walk by the front of their car and let them see me in my bra and panties some times they would turn their lights on and set there looking at me,rubbing my erect penis thru my panties.One time the car came towards me and I jerked off and came on the hood of his car and then I ran away to avoid other bar encounters.So I proceeded to keep walking looking for possible flashing encounters.It was getting close to day light and I saw a gang of boys headed to a nearby school waiting for the school bus,my heart started beating fast because I was going to walk out from behind some bushes and wave at them as they went by,they saw me and started laughing and to my surprise the bus stopped and 2 seniors got off and ran after me chasing me towards a grocery store by this time it was almost daylight so I was very easy to see that I was wearing a bra and panties, I ran thru the parking lot and people in the store could see me running towards the front of the store and stepped out to watch as I walked by because I was out of breath.

The 2 seniors caught up to me and grabbed my arm spinning me around and I fell down,meanwhile people are crowding around and laughing at me as I got up I was crying and upset with my situation.A man helped me by giving me a hand brushing off my bra and panties and giving me a pat on the ass and told me to get some clothes on and let me on my way,the seniors had left so now it’s day light and I still have to get back home,now I have to contend with kids walking to school.

I was half way home when a group of school girls came out of a side street behind me ,startled i turned to see them giggling and laughing and all I could do was keep walking.

I heard one say that is an eighth grader at school ,he been skipping school at that I turned around and walked up to them and said please don’t tell anyone you saw me like this they agreed on one condition I was to dress every Friday in girls underwear and stand on the corner where they met and let them see me in my bra and panties , I got bold and included a garter belt and stockings which they thought looked pretty cool on me.

I had to do this for 3months till school was out,Again,caught in the act of being an exhibitionist and a panty boy…now a man ?

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