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    This Morning, I Couldn’T Help Myself

    My mother always tells me I add love to everything I make her. This morning, I couldn't help myself. I buttered her toast and topped it with love. When she picked up the first piece, right there in the corner was a big glob of it. I watched her eat it, all of it. Then […] More

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    I Was Never So Excited To Do Anything

    When mom caught me masturbating, she punished me by making me stand in front of her and finish it. It was far from punishment. I was never so excited to do anything. I acted embarrassed, but whispered, I'm sorry mommy a couple of times when I started to cum on the table. More

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    I am Embarrassed and Ashamed But Needed It

    So, I just to have to tell someone what happened. I’m 26, female, white and recently divorced from my husband. I moved back into my parents basement for the time being. Anyway, last week I was at the store and ran into this teenage African American boy that I use to babysit for. So, after […] More