The Angels Cannot Intervene Unless We Ask Them

Pt 3: These Governments and corrupt leaders are stealing, and they think their international communist master plan will work but it won’t as long as you PRAY.

The angels cannot intervene unless we ask them.

If you really want to burst their ‚Äòbubble of evil’ let me tell you how on a spiritual level:

Supplies: A cut of meat, small grill or fire pit, quick light charcoal or lighter fluid, lighter, sheet of paper and a pen.

1) Go to the grocery story and buy a pack of 2 sirloin steaks, a sirloin roast, whatever you can afford of THE BEST CUT OF MEAT YOU CAN FIND to present as a ‚Äòsin offering to God for yourself and your entire family.’ Some of you may need the whole

üòâ The Jewish do this annually, it is known as the Kaparot ritual.

This among being Gods chosen people and walking vessels full of faith is why if you look at Israel on a map, their t-i-n-y country has not been destroyed although it has been surrounded by Islamic bullies, cave men mentality terrorists for thousands of years.

Trust me, this is not a joke.

When they speak, God hears them like a 911 call.

2) Make a list of your families names going back to your great grandparents on a piece of white paper or as far back as you remember.

If you have a picture of your family tree you can print out even better.

3) On the same paper list the generational sins you know have been a family issue: adultry, sex addiction, drugs, lust, betrayal, porn, incest, gambling, vanity, selfishness, poverty, greed, negative mindset, all of these are considered demonic strongholds to prevent your family members from living their soul purpose, utilizing their gifts for Gods greater good and thriving financially, emotitionally, spiritually and in their relationships.

Brains storm your list until it is done.

4) On a Friday eat a large breakfast by 11 am, and fast until the next morning.

Drink juice, green tea, water.

Friday evening at Sunset, when the energy of peace decends upon the earth like a blanket, take your piece of paper and your meat, a lighter, possibly some lighter fluid or a little coal, and find a grill.

If you have one great, if not, go to the park.

You can also use a small carboard box if you set it on concrete, brick or stone to light it and bring some water to put the fire out.

Now burn the meat along with your paper to ash (do not eat it) and sincerely pray for yourself and your family, ask for forgiveness of their sins, of the generational sins unknown to you and ask for healing, positive change and atonemement within yourself and your family.

Prayer is universal but Kaparot ritual also has a prayer you can pull up online, just keep in mind Hebrew is to be scanned to the left.

The key is sincerity, humility, willingness to repent for any wrong doing or harm we have caused to our own bloodlines or others.

And the willingness to turn away from our sins and change to be a better person for ourselves and our families so that we do not hinder them or hold them back with negativity.

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