I Love You Mom &Amp;Amp; Dad :) {3.12.22}

hey i m 19 years old girl who lived in a judgemental society .

Today my father slapped me twice you know why because i told him that its my life i'll do what i want its my choice whether i wear long or short clothes its my decision you can't decide what to do or not , what to wear or not , i know you care about me but it doesn't mean you can abuse me or slap me NOOO .

Being you as a parent is never meant you can force your child for something he not want to do ; ok if he is doing something wrong then you can interfere then you make them understand you .

I know in today's world its not safe outside somehow thats the reason you'r not allowing me such things .

But i'll make sure where to wear what its not like i'll wear mini dresses in a village or in a locality area .

It makes me feel so sad that my father judge people or women around there by their clothes otherwise he 's a very good or you can say best father in world but in this case he's such an old school .

But my mother is supportive in this case she has allowed me for wearing what i want but only if i can make my career first still it's such an mess , i m facing so much of failures continuously since 3 years but i promise its last this time & i'll pass this time & will make my parents proud one day for sure .

I LOVE YOU MOM & DAD 🙂 {3.12.22}

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