I Have This Child Friend Who Keeps Calling Me Her Best Friend And I Do Feel Appreciated And I Also Want To Be Friends With Her But Since She’s A Child She Loves Playing But I‚ĶKinda Hate Playing, Every Time We Hang Out We Would Just Stay Quiet With Our Face On Our Gadgets I Do Like Spending Time With Her But I Know She Loves Playing More Than Using Her Phone And It Seems Like She Have Gotten Bored Of Me Since All I Do Is Use My Own Gadget‚ĶLike Today I Met Her And She Just Say Hi To Me But Usually She Hugs Me And Be Clingy..I Was Kinda Sad Too Because She Didn’t Talk To Me At All Today And Just Played With Other Kids..I Wanna Keep Being Friends With Her But Everytime..Its Always Awkward, I Wanna Play Too So She Can Have Fun And Still Think Of Me As A Friend But I Cant Seem To Try And Play With Her‚ĶIm Mad At My Self Not Wanting To Let Go But Also Not Doing Anything To Make Her Stay‚Ķ

i have this child friend who keeps calling me her best friend and i do feel appreciated and i also want to be friends with her but since she’s a child she loves playing but i‚Ķkinda hate playing, every time we hang out we would just stay quiet with our face on our gadgets i do like spending time with her but i know she loves playing more than using her phone and it seems like she have gotten bored of me since all i do is use my own gadget‚Ķlike today i met her and she just say hi to me but usually she hugs me and be clingy..i was kinda sad too because she didn’t talk to me at all today and just played with other kids..i wanna keep being friends with her but everytime..its always awkward, i wanna play too so she can have fun and still think of me as a friend but i cant seem to try and play with her‚Ķim mad at my self not wanting to let go but also not doing anything to make her stay‚Ķ

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