I Have Been A Rubber Addict All My Life, And Often Sleep In A Long, Rubber-Lined Bag

I have been a rubber addict all my life, and often sleep in a long, rubber-lined bag, tied round the neck, to keep the small zipper and the two tiny air-holes in place at my nose and mouth.

Anyway, one Friday night, I fell asleep like this, and woke from a strange dream, to find it was no dream!

Someone had tied the neck of the bag under my feet, trapping me inescapably, and several inches of hot hard male flesh were pumping in and out of my unzippered mouth!

Struggling didn't help, and I gave up and surrendered to my fate.
Hours seemed to pass, delightfully, then urgent voices said "Fuck man, the cops are here…get him out of there, to answer the door, or they'll break in, shooting!" They hustled me out of the bag, fearfully asking me to tell them I hadn't been hurt…I pulled on a bathrobe, and went to the front door, where the knocking had become more insistent.
"Sorry officers, I was in the shower!" I said casually, and they looked at each other, then asked if I'd seen anything or anybody different, as there had been a break-out at the prison a mile or two away, and they thought the escapees might have headed this direction ….I reassured them I'd seen or heard nothing, then asked "what were they in for?" and was told – assault and rape.

I reassured them again, and they gave me a business card with a number to call, and left, saying they had probably hopped a freight train.
I returned to the bedroom, still dark, and pulled the dripping wet bag back over me, and said "Okay, where were we?" as they marveled at not having been given up.

They did however return things to the way they had been before, and three different cocks blasted cum down my throat before they left me to sleep.
Next morning, we came to an agreement – they could hide out here as long as they wanted, on condition that they honored my masochism by slapping me around some, and physically forcing me into the bag, whenever they wanted, as often and for as long as they wished.

In return I would treat them like royalty, and feed them, amuse them, the whole nine yards, to make their stay really enjoyable.
It's been a year now, and I don't think they have any intention of leaving.

I'm financially secure, and a loner, and there are never any visits or interruptions.

All shopping is done over the Internet, and foodstuffs delivered from the local grocery-store.

They like to get drunk, watch football, and porn, then give me what I need, unstintingly, without any real pain.

I'm happy….

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