I’m 38 and I used to box, very fit for my age and generally perceived to be masculine. I have been with my wife for 2 years (she is 7 years younger than me and very beautiful). My wife does very well at work and i don’t. Recently I had a big dispute with my boss and have been put on 3 months ‘gardening leave’ until January. She earns more than me and is very busy so it only seemed fair that I offer to do the housework.For the last couple of months I have been doing everything – laundry, cleaning, cooking all the meals, washing up etc. One morning a month or so ago, it was quite hot and I got up to make her breakfast in just a towel. When she had showered and dressed for work in her suit, she came in the kitchen and as I carried her tea and toast to the table, my towel fell. My hands were full and i couldn’t catch it or pick it up, so I carried her things to the table naked. There was something about that situation, with her in her suit and me serving her, naked, that was a huge turn on and by the time I had put the stuff down I had an erection. My wife came over and started stroking my dick and told me how she could tell that I liked this situation and that she liked it too, that it was natural for me to be her slave. She’s so pretty and clever and she drove me crazy. Since then things have developed and every day now I serve her naked or just in an apron. When she comes home I give her massages and foot rubs. I cook for her,run errands for her during the day, run her baths etc. The other day she asked me to get something from the dry cleaners, but I forgot. When she got home, she spanked me. Our sex life has become really charged and she is the boss in the bedroom too. I do whatever she wants now and always make sure she is satisfied first. I never thought I would end up like this but I really like it and I find it really fulfilling. My wife was right, between me and her it is natural for us to be like this!I just don’t know what I will do when I go back to work!

Confessed by: J
Gender: Male
From Country: United States

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