I wet my pants

wet my pants a few times when I have been out at stores. I dont do it on purpose but I try to hold it to long and once I start peeing I cant stop. I was in a Target store the other day and I wet my jeans trying to find the bathroom. The store was crowed and everyone saw my wet pants. I was red from embarresment. I have been checked by doc and no medical reason. I just get busy and dont go before its too late. I am a grown man 49 and still wet my pants. My wife said if it happens again she is getting me diapers to wear.
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  1. damp britches
    If Im wearing a skirt in public or on a long car trip.I often wont bother stopping at a restroom.I know that often I end up going in my pants.Its not like anyones really going to know anyway and in its own crazzy way it kind of feels good !

  2. If I ever got caught by my Mom in public peeing my pants, I would be over her knees and bare assed so fast, I wouldn't know what hit me. She would likely take me home for the spanking after i dried myself but I would not bet against a bare bottom spanking right then and there in the store or wherever I was. This is what would happen to me if at age 25 and male. Several months ago she caught me peeing my bed after I came home drunk and the following morning she put me over her knee completely bare after I removed my PJ's and applied a wooden bath brush to my upturned bare bum cheeks. She really blistered me good and I cried and kicked my bare feet in the air like a 6 year old. I was red assed and red faced and had to wear diapers for the next week around the house with the words, bad boy written on them in felt pen by Mom. My sisters and Mom and Dad witnessed my diaper humiliation for a full week. I hope you can stop peeing yourself so your wife does not diaper you. It is incredably humiliating.

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