Sorry But I Literally Hate My P.E Teacher She’s One Of The Most Annoying Person That I’ve Ever Met.Once I Was Sick I Was On My Period And I Told Her I Couldn’t Join Her Class That Day So I Didn’t Bring Any P.E Clothes She Immediately Told Me “i’m Not A Doctor And Being On Your Period Doesn’t Mean Your Sick”( What A Uneducated Woman) Anyway She Told Me To Walk Like 1 Or 2 Km Just Because I Didn’t Join Her Class But I Was Sick So I Didn’t Instead Of That I Sit With Bunch Of My Friends In Cafeteria

Sorry but i literally hate my P.E teacher she’s one of the most annoying person that i’ve ever met.Once i was sick i was on my period and i told her i couldn’t join her class that day so i didn’t bring any P.E clothes she immediately told me “i’m not a doctor and being on your period doesn’t mean your sick”( what a uneducated woman) anyway she told me to walk like 1 or 2 km just because i didn’t join her class but i was sick so i didn’t instead of that i sit with bunch of my friends in cafeteria.

After like 10-20 min i realize i had like 10 missed calls on my phone i ran back near where they were and some girl on P.E class told me teacher searched for me in all school and couldn’t find me (i was literally sitting at cafeteria)then she told me teacher asking me to go near her i went there and she said to me “you have purple pigment under your eyes” just because make me sad and i’m like so pale so i think that’s why plus genetics but it was one of my insecurity’s and she told directly to my face and told me i don’t eat and sleep enough that’s the reason of course she was wrong all her aim was to make me sad well then congrats.She need to first look at her face this was my confession i hate her and her name faika something weird like that.

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