We Don’T Do It Now Though

My cousin and I (both female) fingered each other when we were younger.

She liked exploring and since we were close, she asked if we could try it and I said yes.

We would get naked and start kissing and fingering each other even though my aunt was just outside her room watching TV; so we tried our best to keep quiet.

I enjoyed it a lot since she always made me wet and made sure to pleasure me as much as possible and I do the same to her.

Once, it escalated a bit and she started to lick my pussy while fingering me and I never came so hard in my life.

Her tongue would go back and forth my clit and even after I orgasmed she's still go on until I'm overstimulated.

After experimenting, I'd walk out of her room to wash my hands and converse with my aunt as if nothing happened; as if I didn't just get my pussy eaten by my own cousin.

We don't do it now though.

She already has a boyfriend, but I sometimes find myself missing her tongue and fingers inside me.

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