Anal Ministrations

For brevity my follow up to my previous thermometer/temperature confession is here as I could not finish it there.

This is about a “special rectal thermometer” I came to crave!

I had a male examiner for a check up come see me. During his exam, I got more than a rectal thermometer and enema up my ass.

His remark, got me hard…”I better re-check your temperature with a “special rectal thermometer”. Hearing his strip got me totally hard, but my ass would initially object, but my spirit needed this! I knew where his “thermometer” was going!

I was soon in a knee-chest position, my ass in the air, on my bed taking the long, huge 10 inches of this guy’s cock “meat thermometer” up my ass! It hurt at first, as my anal ring did not want that penetration, and balked at his massive penile head. He pulled out, but then after he fingered my anal opening, lubing me up further with two massive fingers, I opened up, him re-straddling me and his cock now pushing into me and widening me; his rock hard erection deftly, but without question, his full manhood’s length entering my anus and I couldn’t believe it when I felt his balls slapping my ass cheeks as he pumped, humped and dumped into my rectum.

Oh, “keep fucking my ass, it feels so great!” I moaned as he continued plunging into me.I went from a painful entry to exquisite agony as I took him deep in my darkest recess. Then his meat thermometer’s “mercury” came blasting into my feverish rectum!

Later I got laid on my back, he straddled me and took my temperature in my mouth. He was huge! I deep throated his long veined penis until he left my throat and tongue, cum coated. I sucked him as hard as I could, leaving him exhausted and his cock limp.

Well, there were a few more exams, and my ass and mouth got fucked( my temperature WAS taken!) in every one of them! Orally and Rectally!
“Doctor, I think I have a temperature!”

And believe me, those were oral/ ass temperature takings if ever there were ones!

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