Paid Sex During Marriage

I NRD admit for not having a sexual relationship with my wife for some time now. I admit that I have erectile dysfunction and am trying to read as much as I can about it from healthy mind to see if I can do anything about it – yep, the one described at, something to fight with. For some months now I have not had a sexual relationship with my wife how embarrassing! I don’t care I hate her we drifted apart woohoo I was intrigued about massage palours a freind told me about.

I started to visit discreet massage parlors to feel relaxed yes the great thing was because I paid I received euphemism for sexual favours.

I met a beautiful lady there, explained my situation, she insisted to be aroused by the term “Furry Fandom” its was something new but I gave it a try. This fascination is where people dress up as anthropomorphic animals, or watch others do so. We then engage in the sexual activities. Sometimes this merely involves non-sexual touch and rubbing whilst in costume helping me to ejaculate. It was mind blowing.

I asked this lady if there is anyway I can get satisfied at home seeing my wife not being physical with me. She said of course you can in many ways.

Emetophilia it involves vomiting or watching others vomit.

Urolagnia is when a person derives sexual pleasure from urinating. This can lead to urophagia, the consumption of urine. For this I NRD would have been required to urinate at home all over the bathroom, toilet seat, so if and when my wife would want to use the WC and upon seeing the Golden Showers, it would make her sick.

Coprophilia is the sexual pleasure derived from faeces. This fetish would have involved me in defecating around the home, leaving “human toilet” stuck in the bathroom, wash basin and smudged all over the toilet. This can lead to serious health risks but I don’t care. It would make me happy seeing her feel sick.

I NRD settled for Emetophilia feeding my wife unhealthy food that would make her to start vomiting. This definitely will sexualy arouse me inside seeing her suffer because she’s neglecting having sex with me.

This will be a frightening experience for her but do I care! She can eat my s*it for all I care Coprophilia!.

You see how much I hate TP! I will make her suffer so tomorrow she does not have a sexual life with anyone.

What you give is what you get! 6 years of my life she disowned me for erectile dysfunction not my fault!

Confessed by: NRD
Gender: Male
From Country: United Kingdom

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