If i told we’d forget your name.and you’d wouldnt have a both know that.

I was only 8 and you 12. Our innocent sleepovers were not so innocnt. you raped me. you molested me. said its just “your the wife and i can be your husband game” you knew it was wrong. Youre my cousin. And im a girl too. who said girls and rape girls? They were wrong. Or else i wouldnt feel so useless. like a decoy. I hate myself because everytime i look in the mirror my face is like yours. i hate myself because i look like you. All i want is for you to admit what you did to me and say im sorry. is all im asking. ; ill be right here with the words you said. the things youve done while youre running from it. Face it. It’ll take me out of my depression. I cant let no one touch me. I hate you.

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  1. I know it’s hard but it is important for your parents to know it. you’re so young that time and he even don’t know what he was doing to you. I know that he regret what he had done. I hope you move on and be happy with your life.

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