Diapered Sperm Eating Sissy

I have a small cock and I cum very quickly so my wife has changed me into a sissy making me wear girl clothing. This was shortly after we were married. She wants me to suck cocks for her but I really do not want to. She keeps telling me that she is going to make me suck cocks and she gets mad when I say I will not do it.

When I cum I have to eat it or she will put me in a chastity device. Now she has been making me watch sissy cock sucking videos which I hate to watch. I need to watch how it is done so I will know how to do it she tells me.

I have seen a lot of these videos and she touches me checking for hardness as I watch these. Last night when she made me watch another one she touched me and I became erect. She rubbed me a few more times saying see you do like these videos. I ejaculated as she continued to rubbed me, making her mad. Now she has put me in dippers since I can not control my excitement. I am told I will dress as a sissy but will always be in diapers from now on.

I have been told she ordered a butt plug that gives electric jolts and it should be here this weekend. I will be fitted with the plug and she will give me electric jolts to make me shoot cum as she watches and runs the controls. Then she will make me lick my mess up.

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  1. Let me say you are living this type of life because it is where you belong. Not all Males are MEN and it is obvious your not a MAN. I applaud your wife for taking charge and disciplining you as she sees fit. Sissy babies are a hand full to deal with and it takes time and a lot of patients to deal with a sissy baby. I am happy you have found your correct place among MEN. You should be appreciative you have someone to take care of you sissy.

  2. Hmm…Diapered? ….Sissy naughty Jack off bad baby 👶!! Bad baby!! Here comes the magnums my black studs filled!! Open! Open!! Oh ! Naughty Boy! Naughty waste of black cock cremé!!! Naughty Diapered pervert!!!

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