Finally in My Place

As instructed by my Hot wife, I am confessing and trying to expose myself as the sissy fag cuckold I am. My name is Mar and I’ve been a cross dressing sissy who wants to be a real girl, ever since birth. One year after we married, I put on a bra and panties and let my wife see me. Since then, she has cheated on me numerous times. Had several very serious affairs, had many, many dif real men, and she has cuckold me and made me even more of the Sissy Fag I always been. And I cudnt be happier. The more she cheats, does me wrong, uses me, and degrades me, the more Sissy I get and the more I want to be owned by her.

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  1. I want, what you have, I am, what you are, A SISSY FAGGOT. I also have wished that I was born a girl, but I didn’t get my wish, so I became just like a girl, and I want to be dominated and humiliated. My boyfriend cheated on me many times, and this just added to my excitement. I am tiny endowed, and my boyfriend loved this, but he still cheated on me with several huge cocked men, and I loved watching them.

    I feel I was born to be a sissy, faggot, slut. I love wearing dresses and maids outfits, and serving, as well as being publicly humiliated by people for not looking like a
    ” BIG ” man. I’ll never be a ” MAN “, and why the hell would I want to be. I finally know my lifelong goal : I’m a sissy faggot, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted out of life.

    I’m looking for a sissy faggot to be friends with, I want so much to be your friend.
    I’m never getting married because I hate women sexually, as do I hate most men.

    Love, always,


  2. Jaymegurl, Im so sorry ive went all this time and didnt even know u commented on my post. Actually i didnt even remember making this confession. Ha. But its def all true and even more so now. Ms. Brenda has made me, or let me be, the real sissy bitch ive always wanted to be. And the best part is she has finally gone Black and has been in a very sexy dirty affair with Mr Wayne, for several years now. They get wild and Esp Mr Wayne. He has LOANED Ms Brenda out to alot of other black studs and she luvs it. They all know about the sissy fag crossdressing girly bitch she has at home, and they all dont mind making me be a bigger panzy cockloving sissy whore to her every chance they get. I honestly cudnt be any happier and content than i am now. I love being cuckolded and degraded and used and talked about by many many people. But Esp by Ms Brenda and Mr Wayne. Honey, if your still wanting a sissy girl to be girlfriends with, i wud be flattered. I also love having other sissy’s to have gjrly times with. How can we get our info to each other. Honestly i dont mind one bit giving all my personal info out on here or anywhere else. In fact, doing that makes me wet beyound belief. But i dont kno if these nice people wud let me do so on here. If they dont mind, then yall will know my great grandparents names. Ha Ha. Huggs and Kisses. Macy Michelle McCardle

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