Making Out With My Aunts Carer

I have an elderly aunt who unfortunately is in very bad health and needs a live in carer to get by. Last week I visited her for the first time in 6 months ( I live a long way away). After spending the afternoon and early evening with her I left her carer – Sue – to put her to bed. Sue is a 64 year old South African. After Aunt had settled down Sue joined me in the kitchen and we started chatting and shared a bottle of wine or two. There was a bit of tipsy flirting going on but that was it and I settled down to bed in the guest room. I’d only been asleep for about half an hour when I was woken by Sue walking into the room. She was just wearing a night shirt and sat by the bed and without saying anything leaned down and kissed me. She then got up, opened the bedroom curtains and asked me to join her in the moonlight. As I got out of bed it was obvious I was aroused and we kissed passionately as she touched my erect cock. After a while I led her back to bed and she lowered herself onto my erection. I will never forget the look of pleasure on her face as I entered her or the noise she made as she came. She then kissed and left, barely a word was spoken! I’m feeling another visit to Aunty coming on!!

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