I Touched Strangers Co*k in Bus for First Time

I am a married woman, I am 38 years old, (when I touched a stranger’s cock for the first time)
Once I was traveling inside the city by local bus, I was sitting on a seat, there was a lot of crowd in that bus, many people were standing near me too, a man was leaning on me, it was 8 o’clock in the evening, The bulb was burning inside the bus, still it seemed dark, the crowd increased a little more, the man came closer to me, I was sitting, his cock was touching my shoulder, slowly his cock started to stand up, his cock Standing completely tight and placing it on my shoulder, I started scratching my neck with my other hand, and my finger started touching his cock, the man understood that I was touching his cock, He took out his cock and covered it with his shirt, now his naked cock was felt near my neck.

I covered my shoulder properly with a dupatta, so that his cock was also covered, I grabbed his cock from inside the scarf Started mashing, his cock was very hard and hot, I slowly started to caress his cock and started pressing my pussy with both the thighs because my pussy was getting wet, I wanted to suck his huge cock but it was not possible to do, next I had to get off at the stop, so I stood up and started coming out in front of him, as soon as I stood up, he put his cock between my bum and pressed my pussy hard, then I got down from the bus

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