That Night We Did it For Three Times

It is three years ago my niece (older sister’s daughter) her age is 18 and I am 35, she loves me very much she studies in college. Often she stays with me at home, sometimes she sleeps with me, once she was studying by lying next to me and I was playing a game in mobile, suddenly she got up with a jolt, I asked what happened? She said maybe the ant has bitten and started scratching her thighs, I saw then I got busy playing games, she also lay down and started studying and scratching her thighs, she wears a salwar suit, it was a bit cold weather.

We both were lying on the same blanket, I started caressing his thigh from inside the blanket, there was a small swelling on his thigh, I was looking at the mobile and was also caressing her thigh, I felt that her thigh, while caressing my fingers also touch her pussy, I removed my hand, she said Mamu, I feel good, scratch my thigh, she held my hand and placed it on her thigh and said that scratch her, I will again touch her thigh. Started caressing my cock became tight inside the short, I also started feeling strange, I deliberately started touching her pussy, she was not wearing panties, so I was feeling her pussy completely, after a while I felt her pussy.

But put her hand and started caressing her pussy as if it did not make any difference, she lay comfortably, I was caressing her pussy from the top of the salwar, I understood That she is also feeling good, I put my hand inside her salwar and started caressing her pussy, her pussy was small and cute but her clitoris was big and was outwards (my wife is not even such a big clitoris) I started rubbing her clitoris, she spread her legs, I held her hand on my cock, she grabbed my cock and started pressing hard.

I lowered her salwar a little and rubbed her pussy with my cock. Felt, I was wetting her pussy by getting the fluid out of my cock, then I started trying to put my cock inside her pussy, her pussy was very tight, my cock used to move here and there again and again.

Then after a lot of effort, half the cock went into her pussy, she was in pain, so she was not allowed to put it whole, I started kissing her, it became normal, then I slowly started pressing my cock in her pussy, after a while my full cock Got inside my niece’s pussy, that night I fucked my niece three times, and even now when I get time I fuck her.

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