She Resists Terms Like Sugar Baby or Mistress

I did very well in my business life and I have owned the best of the best in cars and travel and ski chalets. I met this girl, she is a school teacher from a small town, real apple pie girl who came up poor with high student debts. I offered to pay her student debts and I let her stay in a townhome I purchased for that purpose and let her use a car I purchased for that purpose (townhome and car are both income appropriate for a school teacher).

In return, I want her favors which she gives reluctantly. She is embarrassed as she should be, she isn’t particularly pretty, she is apple pie, and her resistance to giving me her favors makes the pie just that much better. She resists terms like sugar baby or mistress, she reluctantly admits to being kept. She resents giving me her favors but it is her favors that I want, I can buy anything and I can buy her and I do.

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