Sex with Delivery Boy in Office

I work in the front office of my company. I handle many things including signing for the deliveries. Recently we got a new delivery guy on our route.

He has been very friendly which turned to flirting pretty quickly. He is an attractive black guy in his early 30’s. I am 40, 5’3 blonde hair, green eyes, about 140 lbs. He has complimented my outfits, hair, eyes, smile, numerous times. I had never been with a black guy before. I will admit I had some thoughts when I thought back to some of the things he said to me.

One evening the last employee had left and I stayed around to finish up a few things. I heard the door open and there was the delivery guy. He had not come earlier that day. He told me had taken the day off but he wanted to stop by and get a look at me. I smiled and he again complimented my smile. He came over to the desk and started talking. I got up to start picking up a few things and as I walked by him he grabbed me and pulled me close. He told me I was so beautiful and then he kissed me. I was a little shocked but I definitely enjoyed it. When I didn’t pull away I could feel him kissing me deeper and then I felt his hands on my body.

He told me he had dreamed of kissing me and so much more. I again smiled and told him I had thought of a few things myself. That’s when he turned me around and pulled me against him. He asked if I had thought about this and then I felt his cock pushing against my ass.

I told him I had thought of this. He bent me over the desk and started kissing my neck and I felt his hand on my legs moving my skirt up. I felt him feeling my wet panties. Then I felt him move them and I thought I was going to feel his finger inside but instead felt his huge black cock fill me up. I screamed but in pleasure.

It hurt a little but it felt amazing. He started slowly but soon he was pounding me from behind. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass as he started fucking me harder. He reached around and squeezed my tits as he moaned. I started to cum and let out a passionate moan and told him I was cumming.

He just went harder and harder then he moaned and let out a grunt as I felt him filling me up. He was cumming so deep inside me. He pulled out and my legs were shaking. I turned around and he held me tightly. He kissed me and told me that I was beautiful, amazing and so tight. I laughed and told him that what happened was so unexpected but exactly what I needed. He continues to flirt and stop by now and then. It’s just our secret and that is how we both like it.

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