I Got Sexual With 2 Cousins Not One

I got sexual with 2 cousins not one. Both of them came to me.

My mom was at work and they flirted, staying with us.

I already knew sex would come because I'm athletic with much sex appeal.

my dangerous aura has always attracted women to me. Adderall helped too.

Both are in my room, and my bisexual cousin (both are girls.

One is lesbian and the other is bisexual) is showing me pictures. She asks a picture of my dick.

about an hour later she asks to finger her. I did. no hesitation.

I listened hard to make sure my mom or her mom didn't burst in. She asked for two fingers.

We got really close to having sex.

I had cousins on my dad's side who liked me before but I never fingered them.

I finger her that day, and another day. I fingered her, and vaginally fucked her sister.

My other cousin, her sister, asks me to vaginally fuck her a month later.

She wasn't quick to offer because she lives as a girls-only lesbian.

She has ass, and her pussy was wet. I fucked her Doggystyle First.

She was enjoying it because she was spreading her legs wider and moving her head up and down as if she was in ecstasy.

(We tried once before this). She was taking it all.

I asked her could I nut in her and she just responded "you want to nut in me?".

I didn't use a condom. We did four different positions. Chances are we're going to fuck again.

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