Bad Sex?

Bad Sex?

I’ve had something on my mind for a really long time and I have to spit it out, I had sex with my bestfriends cousin.. I’m only 14.. It was amazing and I loved it and he was wearing a condom.. but I feel like it was wrong for someone my age to be getting so involved with a guy like that.. He was also 14.. theres one more thing too… His Aunt walked in on us.. It was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.. You see we were well you know getting it on when I screamed cause’ well yea.. and his Aunt walked in wondering what was wrong, and found us having sex.. And now whenever we’re around eachother we’re making out and stuff but now whenever there’s other people around it’s soo awkward because none of them know we’ve been having sex So being around eachother with others is like being locked up like we can’t love eachother because theres others around.. But back to the point.. I feel guilty for having sex at my age and being found having sex.. His aunt never told anyone but still. Now It’s SUPER awkward to be around her..

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  1. I’m the person who wrote this post Hi umm I want you guys to respond to this whoever sees this and tell me your opinion and if you think what I did was wrong

  2. Nothing wrong with anything you described. Other than awkwardness that is, that sux. But I see nothing at all wrong with the sex.

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