Btw She Could Talk About Any Thing Even Sexual Things

Im a male, 28 years old, Living with my mother only and my only sister got divorced few years ago.

She lives in her apartment with her two daughters.

My relationship with my sister was soo great.

After she got divorced she moved with her daughters to stay with us for a while.

She was broken and tired after what she have been through so I tried to help her to let go of her past.

I took care of her and her daughters, I was always there when she needed me.

Our relation become even better we were so close, she trusted me with her secrets she even felt more comfortable when she confessed of things she did.

Btw she could talk about any thing even sexual things.

My sister knows I won’t judge her or blame her or anything I was her good listener friend when she needs to talk.

After a few months my sister got better.

I start noticing her dont want to leave her room and she was moody for a day or two then she is normal.

Things happened at that time I thought it was not intended or accidentally happened.

Such as I was passing by her room the door was partially opened and I saw my sister naked and I moved right away.

The same thing happened again after a week maybe m, it happens when mom and her daughter are not around or sleeping.

One day she was having a bath she called me to bring her a towel from the laundry room as no one else was at home.

I hanged the towel on the door handle and i told her so, she said no no no it is so cold she asked me to place it inside the bathroom.

I opened the door very slightly and I saw her reflection on the mirror!

She was bent over rubbing her lower body.

I remember later on that day we were watching a movie night together and she honestly told me in her words that she have sexual needs she haven’t been satisfied since few months, she deprived sex and she doesn’t know how to deal with it.

She cant have a date she she wants to rise her daughter well and she is needs to settle down first she still not ready to have a bf after many years of marriage.

We were discussing and she aksed me if could help her.

She knows it is wrong to even ask but she she needs to have sex and this is the best solution in her opinion.

I agreed and we have sex since 2 years no body knows.

She know have a job and on the evening she spend her time with her daughters and she doesn’t seems she will have a bf any soon.

We had sex in my place we had sex in her apartment most of the times.

We usually dont talk about it after we are done. She tells me when she want to.

Honestly I have no problem having sex with my own sister and it feels much intense than any sexual experience I had with anyone .

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