She’S Not Close To As Pretty As Melanie But Is Built Similar

For 7 years I lived with Melanie and intermittently her sister Corina would stay with us for a week or a month sometimes.

Melanie and I broke up last year and 2 days after last Christmas Corina showed up with nowhere to go, not knowing I was no longer with her sister.

Corina is older than me, now she's 33 and still drug dependent especially with opioids.

She's not close to as pretty as Melanie but is built similar.

The reason I don't make here move is that I see her naked more than often.

I have intercourse with her once in awhile and she is always willing to give me a hand job/blow job.

Its usually when she has popped a few pills and comes out of the shower naked.

She never did that when Melanie was living with me but now I see her naked just about every night.

All I have to do is go into her room holding the vibrator I kept when her sister moved out.

Normally she is already naked and once I begin penetrating her with it I am amazed by the amount of times she is able to have an orgasm.

She's actually a much better blow job than Melanie ever was.

I have used her breasts to masturbate and she is less offended buy my semen.

Melanie always made me tell her I was ready to cum, not liking the taste.

Corina lets me do anything I want, whenever I want.

So as of now I have no intention of making her move out.

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