I’m a bisexual male 40 Latin

I’m a bisexual male 40 Latin. Growing up I sexually was open-minded and open. I met an older male at the age of 17 who would talk about bisexual things. I was interested my birthday was approaching in a few weeks the day of my bday he opened up more about sex. my body was slim smooth I had long legs and a small frame he had asked if I was into guys are girls? to tell you the truth I was still a virgin.

I took a seat in his room as he gave me a bag would you mind putting this on as I pulled the clothes from the bag he gave me it had a mini skirt nylons bra and a box with heels. I went into the restroom and put it on I felt silly as I came out dressed in girls clothes but I did as I walked slowly towards him.

He had me pause to do a few slow turn arounds then he came to me and asked to feel the clothes on my body his soft slow hands took to me slowly feeling my stomach back shoulders then he spun me around and fondles my ass hos soft words of how I looked made me a little more relaxed. He lifted the skirt up a bit to look at my ass in panties.

His breathing was heavy and I was getting nervous and he knew so we stopped and talked a bit then he again asked me to stand in front while he took to his knees and bent me over in front he parted my cheeks and slowly kissed my soft ass side to side then slipped his hungry tongue in my ass. I remember the feeling of this man who showed me the ropes of been fem he stabbed in my ass as hard as he could with his tongue licking and sucking then pulled me on top to squat over his mouth while his tongue popped in and out.

it felt good as he ate me then he slipped my soft cock into his mouth and I blew my load I became addicted to the intense feeling id visit him often and knew what to expect I dress and let him lick suck and drain me after a few weeks I found him wanting to finger me and suck it was amazing then we had sex his hard cock wanted my ass he prepped me good with lube as he slipped slowly into me I was on all fours ass legs wide open and he popped my ass balls deep a few thrusts I felt him spasm as he unloaded in me

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