Worries and Traditions

One day I came home and found a rat sleeping on my pillow. The dam thing had been in my room for a while and I was really having nightmares all the time about vampires like I really believed they could appear and dreams of little red devils getting around with folks and they were small creatures ramamging around in my room I call my tomb of treasures of clothes and crockery and things. See I am a dead pharaoh waiting for new life. Anyway, I remembered seeing the south American looking Valentino man driving a bus when I was at school as a child. I knew a few Valentinos related to one and the man who molested me looked like the illegitimate son of the old kaiser bill ii… as does my mum. God help me if this is not true however it explains much.

That old south American Valentino is the fire I wear a perfume as a symbol to him… the cinnamon fire scent rébelle red… he is the mystical one that is hot and spicy and mean looking with hair back and white shirt. I started feeling things grabbing at my feet and like my bed was shaking and this vampire was going to come to me, he is so strong, and the same time dreaming of a mummy of the pedo in my ceiling falling on me in my sleep… that was scary… so many scary dreams… last night i had one also… I was calling out and woke myself up.

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