My Sins

It has been about 6-7 months since my confession. Okay, I’ve view illegal material, use illegal substances, broken the law, drinking, doing drugs, I’ve been rude, lied, talked behind my friends backs, lied to teachers, lied to my parents, had inappropriate thoughts, not gone to church in a super long time, i have desired things that others have, wished evil upon people, not been holy, have gotten Eucharist while in state of sin, and i cannot remember the rest but i would like forgiveness for all the ones I am forgetting in my heart.

Confessed by: Molly Lucas
Gender: Female
Country: United States

What do you think?

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One Comment

  1. Hey,
    The right approach in life is to FORGIVE and FORGET.
    Just follow this and improve life’s quality.
    What U need to have is ‘ a peace of mind ‘
    U may exercise Yoga and Praanyaayam (Indian style of meditation)
    Know YRSELF and be Happy in life.
    Best of luck.