I am a Horrible Person…

Today i was woken up by someone making what seemed to be an annoying noise outside the field near my home… It annoyed me so much that i shouted out the window ‘will you ever just shut up’. then i realized it was someone calling for help 🙁 So of course i ran out and saw an old man had fallen.. I felt SO awful and guilty for what i’d said, I called the ambulance and sat with him till they came and helped him and even so i feel sooo awful for telling him to shut up i literally hate myself.

Confessed by: Emy
Gender: Female
Country: Cyprus

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  1. You aren’t a horrible person.

    If you were a horrible person you would have continued to ignore him after you realized he needed help. You got a little angry at first because you were ignorant of the circumstances. I mean, from your point of view, all you knew was that you were missing out on sleep because someone was making an obnoxious noise. Its understandable to be annoyed at things that wake you up unexpectedly. Some people even get violent without realizing it when people wake them up. The important thing is that you helped him once you realized what was going on. It sounds like nobody else bothered to help him before you, so you should consider yourself a good person. Plus, if he’s old, he probably didn’t even hear what you shouted. Better late then never

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