Massaging breasts in theater/ kissing in car

Hi, I’m Chris. I was in the cinema watching the horror film scre4m with my girl, Bobbi. I’m 17, and she is 16. We are good kids, are virgins, never been physical, so we are good. We have talked about sex, but thought we should save that for when we get married, which we don’t know when, but at least 5-7 years. But tonight in the theater, it would change. She was really frightened by the movie, and would curl up with me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, then for no reason, I placed them on top of her breasts. She didn’t move except for her eyes, that looked at me, and her mouth, that smiled at me. I then massaged it like it was her shoulder. It didn’t get any farther, like a hand on the groin, just on her breasts. This was the most physical thing we had done in our relationship besides kissing and making out. She said she liked it, so I kept cupping her breast till the end of the movie. When I dropped her off at her house, I parked the car and kissed her, as I went to open my door, she lunged forward and pulled me back. She started kissing me and kissing me. I kissed her back and we kept kissing for minutes. We still refused to have sex in order to preserve the specialty of it. But all we did is kiss. For like an hour. Just loving each other. The only sexual thing we did was I stuck my hand in her bra to rub and grab her breast. But she loved it. We just love each other so much.

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