Hello, this is my onlince confessioin that i wanted to say to everyone but i can not. I am really fed up and depressed, instead of doing something to loose the weight I go and let my anger and frustration off by eating! I am so depressed! I need to do something! i have to reduce the weight, else i will not just look fat but now ugly.
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  1. hsIiUMoI who can i call or ask for to help me expeaddite my disadpute award date when the Va finally rawred me the 100% in 2010Dec yet i been in out of menadtal units in palo alto since 2006.I love this counadtry and im proud to serve no matadter what damadage s we 91 iraq war vetaderadans want to leave someadthing for our chiladdren who were affected by it thats at least we can do for them.mentally and physadiadcally im done this is for my kids funds any sugadgesadtiona0sir

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