Have you ever taken a wrong turn while driving or walking on a trail and got really lost?

Have you ever taken a wrong turn while driving or walking on a trail and got really lost? Lost to point where you could not find your way back home. I have. Who do you call to come to help you? A parent, a good friend or family member who will go out of their way for you because they love you or a service like AAA or the police. Really, who rescues you when your life is in danger or your heart is hurting?

I woke thinking of the 500k children and women illegally enslaved in human trafficking in our 1 city every year and I live in the 3rd largest in America. Not including all the other cities both nationally and internationally that steal the innocence of children in exchange for depravity, lust and spiritual wickedness. I pray for legions of healthy adults to rise to protect and safeguard the innocence of those too young to protect themselves at all costs, a few good men who love their children to take a stand for those too small to read or write or know about human rights laws or that sexual assault against children is illegal and a crime. I pray for the destruction of cultures like in India, Thailand, the T Towns of Mexico and Islam that sell their children and innocence into generational prostitution for profit, along with those heart hearted customers who put their personal pleasure and sin before human decency. They curse themselves when they hurt the ones God loves most, one by one each will be cut off from the earth.

Paedophiles are the scum that feeds off the mould in a toilet, they cannot be reformed but should be fed alive to sharks, alligators or into a rattlesnake pit nude. These sweet, innocent, loving children, whose hearts are full of love, joy and trust are entrusted to us and our communities to live in the world we create for them, that we have a responsibility to protect, provide for and have failed horribly to safeguard from criminals and sic sexual predators.

Then, my heart is reminded of how grateful I am that my Grandparents and parents taught me about true love, about the one who rescues those that are lost, those hurting, wandering in darkness to heal their hearts, give them hope and restore them to give them a brighter future free from the heartache of the past, whose name is Jesus that gave this illustration in Luke 15: “There once was a shepherd with a hundred lambs, but one of his lambs wandered away and was lost. So the shepherd left the ninety-nine lambs out in the open field and searched in the wilderness for that one lost lamb.

If you are lost in life, hurting, or feeling like giving up, do not lose hope because there is a man named Jesus who laid down his life to save your broken heart and soul, he is searching for you right now, reach for him and change your life for the better by laying down, letting your old toxic self die to be reborn in love anew. There are thousands of lost lambs, little children that Jesus is searching for too. Do not leave them alone in the darkness, be the 1 that makes a positive impact.

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