I made a burn book that has 3 guys in it

I made a burn book that has 3 guys in it who have been absolutely horrible to me, posted it on tiktok, and one of them saw it and screenshotted it. I called one of them fat and ugly and made fun of his weight, the other one I made fun of his looks, and the last one, who has been the worst to me, I told him fuck you and made fun of him.

But they’ve called me a bitch and have pushed me to the point in the past where they made me want to kill myself, and I self-harmed a lot because of them. We used to be friends, then we weren’t because my mom reported them to the school, but I let myself be friends with them again, and now all three of them are mad at me. Am I in the wrong here? because I honestly don’t know anymore.

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