Forgive me Lord!!:(

Over the years I’ve been the most outgoing, faithful, lovable, and dependent individual…..until, until I hit puberty. Ever since I came to age, I have been so sexualy active that I have been unappropriately touching my little cousin(I regret it so bad!!) masturbating, and so much more, I want to stop so freaking bad, BUT I can’t!!!;( Before, this would NEVER occur. I have become a totally different person…..please help me , Lord! Save me, I don’t want to rot in Hell. I need someone to help me through this unfortunate phase:'(

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  1. Stop worrying! God made you that way. You think he wouldn’t understand? Leave your cousin alone, but continue masturbating, it’s very therapeutic. Very soon you’ll find a girlfriend or boyfriend, but stop worrying! You’re quite normal, and you’re definitely not going to hell.