I screwed two maids

I spent 12 years in Africa. We always had maids. One called Liz really liked me, and I liked her – slim with a neat ass. She was 18, I was 60. One day I asked to read something. She came over and pushed her arm against mine. When she’d finished I said “I like you too much Liz.” She said “I know” and I kissed her. She said “I love you”, so to be polite I said “I love you too Liz.” I took her to a bedroom and stripped her off and kissed her and felt her, but the other maid was too close to continue. Next day when my wife was shopping I gave the other maid a long job elsewhere, then stripped Liz off in the bedroom and started fucking her. She loved it, and said “Kiss me.” When I did she had a massive orgasm, and mine followed about forty seconds later. What she liked best was for me to grab her, take her to the bedroom, lock the door, pull her panties down and bang her hard. She was frightened of my wife, although if I said “What would my wife say if she could see us now?” while we were fucking she’d laugh. After four years she went back to her husband, and another maid came, also 18. I was more direct with her and told her right out I wanted to fuck her. She wasn’t sure at first, but then I asked “Can I at least kiss your beautiful lips just once?” She agreed, and while kissing I pulled her pants down and looked at her ass, and pulled up her T shirt and looked at two beautiful little half grapefruit tits with tiny nipples. A couple of days later I got her to come into the bedroom. She stripped off and lay down on the bed and parted her legs slightly. I nearly went crazy with lust, and started fucking her. Then my mother-in-law, who was staying with us, tried the door. We waited til she’d gone then we finished off. This didn’t last so long as my wife suspected her. One day Liz came back for a reference. I kept kissing her and fondling her until she agreed to come into the storeroom. We laid cushions on the floor and I fucked the ass off her. She had a great orgasm!
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