Happy ending

Yellow I’m a massage Therapist
Male 32 straight .One day it was closing time I was about to close up .A young muscular man came in and wanted a massage .I decided to work late and agreed .He took a bootle from his backpack it was champagnene he asked me to join him to celebrate his good fortune I don’t drink but agreed to join him .After the wine I led him to the room and asked him to undress and lay on the table .I heated the oil and started the massage .OMG Yeppp it hit me I was hammered .But never felt that way before he must. Have drugged the wine . I felt like a puppet or robot .So he says take off your clothes .It caught me off guard but I took off my shorts and shirt .waring a pair of white thongs they don’t restrict my movements .I stood next to the table leaning on it because I was so drunk or drugged . He reached over and pulled down my thong it dropped to the floor .I started the massage rubbing warm oil on his thick chest then down The tummy and upper thigh .Then I noticed his cock it was gigantic it was the biggest cock Ive seen .He took my hand and touched his cock his other arm reached around me and started touching my ass .There I was naked with a monster cock in my hand and sum guy rubbing my ass . I must confess I was arroused . I must have passed out or some thing the next thing I remember I’m on my knees with his giant member sliding in and out of my mouth .It starts throbbing like a drum I try to pull it out he grabs my head and forces his shaft down my throat .
It erupts spying hot cum down my throat
I’m gagging on a mouthful of his jizz .I faded out again and woke up on the table .On my face I thought I was dreaming I felt warm oil being poured between my ass cheeks .Itvfelt very erotic .He grabbed my hips and prooed my ass up then stated rubbing the head between my cheeks he pulled my hips to him driving that cock deep in my ass .i wanted to yell out like a little girl .He fucked me hard I passed out .Woke up with cum in my mouth and ass.

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