Spirits Entities and Demons

Jesus Christ saviour

During the last year Ive been completely harassed by spirits entities and demons.

Ive had very strong demons in me since I was a child. Through my ancestors iniquity and evil dealings strong demons run through my blood. Many of my ancestors made dealings with many types of demons through blood written talked and mental pacts.

I have a very strong presence and influence from satan lucifer baphomet azazel asedia baal and many other first and second ranking demon spirits. I also have strong influence from masonic and many types of occult demons and evil spirits. My great grandfather was a 33rd degree franc-mason, which are known to make blood pacts and consecrations for them and other generations through blood. Ive had ancestors in occult practices and probably all kinds of dealings with other spirits.

Although I tried and tried and tried hard to make an honest life nothing really came through most of the time. I live an honest life but iniquity is in my blood and evil is in my spirit. No matter what I did my life was cursed. As more time passed I was more and more influenced by evil. I live an honest normal life.

As a child I felt a very strong and heavy evil presence in my neck and shoulders, sometimes its more present and other times less. Through liberation its gone out completely out in just a few minutes. I had strong satanic influence in me without knowing at first. I also have right now strong luciferian influence in me, many time I have lust for money material riches and a material life wanting the last model sportscar. I also have very strong lust for sex since I was a kid. From maybe age 13 and even before Ive probably thought about sex everyday of every year. I also felt a very strong presence from baphomet and my great grandfather related to sexual fornication and lust for material things, its really not normal at all, its a strong influence. Also from satan. I dreamed of anton lavey head of satans church without even knowing well who he was.
Specially last year witchcraft and satanic attacks have been very strong on me, specially at nights. Every night before going to bed I had to prepare myself to fend off these very strong and dark attacks with all kinds of strange phenomena. Satanic and evil attacks are stronger and more powerful at nights, specially at 3am symbolic of the furthest hour from Jesus crucifixtion 3pm, thats why many people wake up exactly at that hour or 2, 3 minutes off.

Much of this came through an exgirlfriend and her mom, who did serious witchcraft to me with a very dark witch consecrated to very dark spirits. Those witches consecrate themeselves and their families without them knowing to very dark evil spirits. All my life went completely south after that.

During this last year these spirits have tried to harrass me 24/7 through their spiritual web of evil in this world. They follow me through other people everywhere I go and spy on every single thing I do to obtain information on me and my life. Watch the movie Fallen by Denzel Washington to get a very good idea how they operate in part, almost exactly in my case, difference is theres more spirits with me. Any time I pray to God something in my life tries to distract me and keep me from doing it:
Someone knocking on my door that needs something from me, if I dont mind it and keep praying my phone rings with a friend inviting me some place, then buses passing through making very loud noise, I then continue and a thought comes up in my head with a reminder of something very important that needs to be done asap, also very loud music outside, and if I continue some thing or another or another coming up without end with the only objective: distracting me and keeping me from doing spiritual work with God. Everyday I get so distracted by everything including very pretty women coming up to me insinuating they want something with me, anything to keep me from being with God. Very weird things, paranormal phenomena and real impossibilities with the physical laws.

Theres also a mayan demon that came into me while I was in that region they are called alluxes and are put in place by mayan descendents to protect their territory among other uses. I was there as a harmless traveler and visitor and ended up in me, that was related to my exgirlfriends witchcraft. The spirit decided to stay with me and used me to spy on my daily lofe to gather information among other uses. That spirit tried to bother and make my life difficult, no more.

There is also another demon I probably inherited from my ancestors it got inside me as a boy or teenager probably through a tv series or internet video, it is actually inside me, its a snake that wraps around inside my head. It whispers words to me trying to influence my head and decisions going on inside my head, it also made me do things or threatened to punish me with really bad things happening around me, its real. Beforee I was scared of it and had me many years doing things I didnt want to do. I was unaware of it at first because it came of as a whispering voice inside my head as myself. At this moment it is still inside me wrapped around my head. Everyday I wake up it blocks all my thoughts from the day and therefor before and tries to confuse me with a lot of mind fog. When it goes outside my head I suddenly from one moment to the next have totally clear vision of all thoughts inside my head my intelligence opens up again all the mind fog suddenly goes away, vision returns to me and many other mind capabilities. It tries to whisper every moment of every single day on all decisions I make. Before it influenced a lot now less and less.
I also have another demon spirit around my genitals and can completely block all my sexual energy, related to the exgirlfriend but more importantly its a strategy witches use to block all energy going to the body. If they block the root chakra energy of your body it automatically block all the energy flow going to the rest of your body, so they just work on blocking the lower chakras and the rest follows. Sexual impotence came from one day to the next for no reason at all, one day being healthy just happened, weird at the time. I also feel a lot of dark energy and witchcraft through all my organs in my stomach area. Unknowingly my exgirlfriend gave me her menstruation mixed with strong witchcraft with some food/drink she gave me I ingested. That menstruation and witchcraft allocated in my stomach and is still with me this moment. That is one way they spiritually pass me all the dark witchcraft they do to me. There is also a fetiche with something belonging to me, either a picture a hair something which belonged to me to connect me with that, and spiritually symbolizes myself so anything they do to that fetiche spiritually and in other levels passes on to me. They have put some things in the sides of the head of that fetiche representing my head probably some needles or something similar which Ive felt and feel right now very strongly in the side of my head next to my forehead and is probably related to the serpent wrapped around my head and also some tubes that connect and open me up to the astral plane opening me to many different dimensions and opening my being to other entities that have come inside me like the alluxe or mayan spirit, the serpent and other spirits entities and beings. They also use that fetiche to do other things to me including blocking my sexual energy. They do follow ups with the witchcraft so it stays with me day after day after month.

They used to screw with my head and all my being, got diagnosed with different psychiatric conditions including psychosis bipolar schizophrenia and a few others. Psychiatrists still dont understand these conditions because they are a spiritual problem and the only way to solve this is through spiritual means, having spiritual life and a good solid relation with God. Its a sure way to solve this, other ways may help but they wont solve the problem including medication. How many psychiatric patients completely misunderstood trying to solve a spiritual problem through non spiritual means. Science has not gotten there yet, and if that point of view in modern medicine is not changed many people will keep on being misdiagnosed or simply left to suffer in psychiatric hospitals and clinics.

Dark spirits and demons work in the occult thats how they maintain their power, thats how they operate as long as they maintain themselves and their plans hidden and occult. When something brings them to light they lose their power. They also work with deception because they want to remain hidden and their identities as long as they can, anything from bringing them to the light and being exposed.

If you can learn anything from this: God through Jesus Christ.

We have Jesus Christ our saviour Light of this world and all existence.

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