Sacrifice to Black Superiors

I am a white closeted sissy faggot that has surrendered free will to black superior masters,I feel it is destiny to serve their every desire.soon I will prepare my white fiance for the blessings of their seed

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  1. Prepare it well as it will be stretched to your unbelievable limits. Good luck and I am happy you have found your true calling. Everyone should be so lucky.

    • Make it special by letting them use her for the first time on your wedding night .I am sure they will keep you busy on their big black cocks

  2. Your fiance wont let you fuck her once she has had her body used by a black man .Black men are stronger ,have way more stamina and at the top of the list have much bigger cocks.After your fiance has had sex with a black man your pathetic little sissy dick wont be enough to satisfy her any more.Oh sure she might keep you round but not as get boyfriend,,your sex life with her is over .She will just want to be friends saying anything she can think of to get you to believe that nothing has changed but will have a good excuse why she cant or wont have sex with you.

    • I am sorry you feel this way. I am worthless to women sexually but love to lick on a mans cock till it is rock hard and he is so horny that he lets me suck his big hard cock .I never stop sucking until he gives me permission and love it when they shoot their hot yummy cum in my mouth .After they cum I will suck even though they go soft knowing they will get hard again as soon as they piss in my mouth . It is always fun to make them cum a few times then take their hard cocks up my sissy ass because they wont cum for a while and always will fuck the shit out of my sissy ass.I am not worthless,,I am a willing sex toy for men to use as long and hard as they want to

  3. Good call. I gave myself completely as a sissy to a black man for two years. It was the best sex I have ever had.

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