Castrated Because I wouldn’t Go to Doctor By Cindy Grey

My wife took me to the doctor to see about getting my hernia fixed.I got it a long time ago but since it didn’t bother me except for occasionally the one by my groin dint bother me at all but the second area where it popped out into my ball sac did hurt.

My guts were squeezing my poor balls and my wife said I was going to get it fixed, I made the appointment and my wife came along for support. When we arrived she recognized the doctor. She had dated him before she met me. He recognized her and they hit it off and were talking non stop.

When my wife told him why we were at his office he wanted to check me out again and insisted that I sign a waiver and paid before he started the surgery. When I woke up after the surgery I was told there were complications and because I waited so long there were complications and my balls had to be removed.

Looking back I think he did it because I was standing in the way of him getting back together with Pam,I still stand in the way but now am unable to satisfy my wife,We discussed it and she made me agree to let her date real men who are able to satisfy her sexually and she immediately began going out with Doctor Bob

– Cindy Grey

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