My Wife Has a Thing for Accents, Well-Educated Humorous Personalities

I have a cuckold fetish. My wife mara Bailey thirty dose not she finds it degrading. I know she has a thing for accents well educated humorous personalities. I was working part-time and going to back to college. I made friends with a Nigerian man raised in France from age six named Clyde ohalayhe.

I know my wife does not drink often and when she does she becomes aroused. We both smoke marijuana. So we went out with Clyde to a dance club near boulder co. We got tipsy. I let my wife dance with Clyde he got grabby while they danced and she groped him back a few times.

By the time the bar closed, she was drunk and horny. On our way home the two were flirty so I mentioned my fetish. By the time we got home my wife Mara moved into the back seat and has made out with Clyde twice. Once in our house mara gave Clyde a blow job. I’m well hung at seven inches Clyde had ten inches and was thicker than me by an inch. This excited me. Clyde was aggressive in forcing her on his manhood during oral sex. Mara is allergic to birth control. So I replaced three-quarters of her lube with baby oil witch eats condoms and make them fail and break.

Mara and Clyde had sex on our couch and in our bed with Clyde for several hours. Several times Clyde came inside of her ovulating body in those hours.

Mara five foot four with a bubble butt firm athletic legs voluptuous curvy torso large breasts curly black hair innocent face is now pregnant but has sex with me and Clyde several times a day. This will be her second child both boys. Her parents forbid interracial relationship just friends a black Grand children is my revenge on my bitch mother in law.

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