It Hurt So Badly at First But I Learned…

My tiny three inch sissy dick doesnt get hard at all any more at all . The only way I can cum is by sitting down on the 10 inch dildo , three inches thick and riding it. It hurt so badly at first but I learned to take more and more of it up my sissy ass till it finally fit up me completely inside me. Now it feels so wonderful as it fills me up as I bounce up and down on it till I finally make myself cum.

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  1. That is the only way I can come now too. It feels so wonderful when I sit down on my big black dildo and feel it sliding up my sissy ass ,filling me up till it is all the way up my sissy ass.I start out slowly and get faster and faster the longer I ride the realistic looking black cock until finally it happens. Even though my tiny dick is still limp and lifeless I have the most powerful orgasms and always catch every drop in a bowl so I can lick my yummy cum up and swallow it all down

    • I love it when black men fuck my sissy ass but I am unable to cum . The only way I am able to have an orgasm at all is when I ride my dildo. I started out with a thick ten inch dildo but soon got used to it and couldnt cum and was forced to buy an even bigger one and keep having to buy longer thicker cocks to ride or I am unable to get off. It is terrible because right now I have a 13 inch rubber cock that is almost thick as a pop can and it is getting hard to get off and I know soon I am going to be buying a bigger cock for my sissy ass .

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